Welcome to the Community Baptist Church Website Located in Lafayette, Louisiana


Welcome to the Community Baptist Church Website Located in Lafayette, Louisiana 

By choosing to view our website, you have chosen to enter a world where Christian people aspire to live daily as ‘beacons of light’.

Since our inception, our light has brightly shined as a welcoming church reaching out to a diverse community of people throughout the Lafayette area! We are a Christ centered community and believe fully in “the priesthood of all believers”. Leadership is our hallmark; faith is our projection of belief; learning is our measure of Christian growth and liberation; fellowship and service depict our spirit of caring; worship and prayer are daily portals to communion with God; advocacy is our call to justice; and stewardship implores us to be a loving community accountable always to God for the treatment and care of other people.

We have many active ministries designed to awaken the human spirit and meet the urgent needs of individuals and families. While we serve all people regardless of race, age, ethnicity, gender, political or religious persuasion, we are grounded in the Christian faith and seek always to find creative and meaningful ways of ‘being present with both God and human-kind.’ At Community Baptist Church, you will find a community of Christians who take seriously the expressions of faith, freedom, fellowship and stewardship.

Join us in the pursuit of being beacons of light! The vision is exciting; the worship is great; and the opportunities for spiritual and personal growth are excellent! Community Baptist Church should be ‘your church of choice’ as you strengthen and maximize your gifts and potential. Contact us! Join us! There is space for you!